A brief discription of the process

Drawings are made

The client is supplied with designs or can provide drawings of  thier own.    Once design specifications have been settled, 1:1 scale drawings are made.

  Stone is quarried to specific  block sizes,delivered to the carving studio, and walls of the specified size are constructed. Tracings are made and glued to the stone

Reliefs are carved  through
After the  reliefs are carved through the  tracings, any remaining paper is removed and the artist etches in the final details.  Each piece is cleaned of any excess powder and a sealant is applied.
Stone carved murals

The ancient art of relief carving dates back to the pre-Egyptian Nubian civilization. Its timeless endurance makes for a lasting statement and chronicles ancient history.

On the island of Bali the tradition still survives and can be seen in the incorporation of decorative or devotional works appearing on temples.

Now for the first time, working under the guidance of an American artist, the expert craftsmen of Bali are producing monumental contemporary works of art that are exported globally, gracing fine hotels and private residences worldwide.
Shipped anywhere
Carvings are then dismantaled, blocks are individually numbered and packed and delivered to the installation.
  A corresponding amount of extra stone is  delivered with each piece, and an ample quantity of matching grout filler is included in every shipment.
  After the final installation, the grout is applied to the hairline cracks between the blocks, giving the piece the
appearence of being carved from one solid block of stone.

Recent Projects
  1. Cape Hiti Resort  Cyprus
    Cape Hiti Resort Cyprus
    Project included many stone features and sculpture as well as a 9 meter mural and this 21 meter X 2.5 meter sculpture, reminiscent of the contours of the Balinese rice terraces.
  2. Legian Hotel Bali Indonesia
    Legian Hotel Bali Indonesia
    An example of carved through freestanding wall.
  3. Nemutu Island Resort Fiji
    Nemutu Island Resort Fiji
    These two identical walls each 4.5 meters X 6.6meters, greet visitors upon arrival at this private Fijian resort.
  4. Title 6
    Title 6

Born in New York City,  Mr. Gentile attended the New York School of Visual Arts where he studied Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Three Dimensional Design. After thathe went on to spend 2 years in Japan studying Martial arts and Sumie Painting.

During a brief visit to Bali, where he collaborated with Balinese craftsmen,  he saw the opportunity to create his art by merging his contemporary sensibilities with the traditional Balinese craft of stone carving.

His paintings and sculptures have been widely exhibited and appear in collections worldwide. These works often serve as the basis for the carved stone murals featured here.

These relief carvings appear in private collections and public space with commissions coming from Japan, Nepal, France, Spain, Germany, Australia, Fiji, the United States, and the world over.

Made Sumarya
Master carver

Master Stone Carver Made Sumarya (standing upper left) is a fifth Generation stone carver. He leads  team of over 40 of the worlds best carvers and trains his sons in the art. Under his guidence the ancient art continues to flourish.

He has been working with Art in Stone since 1989. Our projects have brought members of our  team to various projects in  Europe, Asia and Australia.